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Neons work best when White colour gel polish is applied underneath to give the Neon colour a Pop !

N01: Blizzard Blue Solid sky-blue Gel Polish -quite soft look.

N02: Limelight Green shade with matte finish that will leave others green with envy.

N03: Pineapple Fizz Solid yellow shade has a sunny matte finish.

N04: Tangerine  Bright orange with bold matte finish.

Neon 5: Ultra Orange Solid orange shade, less than N04 matte finish.

N06 Atomic Pink - This floral pink colour has a fabulous matte finish.

N7:  Gorgeous, opaque pink.

N8 Neo Yellow This yellow shade has a solid, matte finish.

N9: Mexican Stand Off Bright solid fluro pink that will leave you with hot popping pink nails.

N10: Tea Party This rich solid green shade has a matte finish.

N11: Very Berry  This deep plum shade has the perfect matte finish.

N12: Cinderella This fluro pink has matte finish for a perfect girly touch.

N13: Plum Passion This purple colour is simply beautiful and it has a bright side to it and matte finish.

N14: Razamatzz  -  is a fluro hot pop with a solid coral polish with pink undertones.

N15: Dazzle - Plum with a hint of red giving it a brightdeep pink look with a matte finish.

N16: Berry Smoothie is a solid neon plum berry with a strong finish.

N17: Manhattan Madness  This pink shade with a beautiful matte finish.

N18: Pink Parakeet This gorgeous berry hue has a glamorous matte finish.

N19: Aquamarine- This neon aqua shade has a bright matte finish.

N20 - This fluro lemon meets lime shade has a gorgeous matte finish.

N21:Pink Smoothie An opaque barbie pink with subtle mauve undertones.This shade is the most popular of all the girly pinks

N22: Orange Blitz This brightest solid shade is sure to turn heads.

N23: Ultra Violet This lavender colour is simply beautiful and it has a lovely matte finish.

N24: Deep Sea Blue- This rich blue shade has a fabulous matte finish.


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