Classic colour 01 is an opaque solid white that works perfectly for long-lasting French manicures.

Classic colour 02  is a shiny pale pink neutral pearl shade with a blue base. It has a semi-sheer finish and it works great for natural looks.

Classic colour 03  has a solid coffee-inspired shade with gold undertones and a shiny pearl finish.

Classic colour 04  has a soft pink tone that works well for natural nails. It has a somewhat matte finish with just a subtle hint of healthy shine.

Classic colour 05  is the perfect opaque watermelon/coral shade minus the harsh orangey finish.

Classic colour 06  is a solid magenta shade with subtle blue undertones and tons of pearly shine.

Classic colour 07  is a rich pink-that-met-red with a shimmery finish.

Classic colour 08  is a true beautiful classic matte red. A must get for every collection.

Classic colour 09 is a solid cherry maroon shade with beautiful purple undertones and shiny finish.

Classic colour 10 is a deep purple shade that looks almost black when it dries.

Classic colour 11 is a solid dusky pink shade that looks feminine and flirty.

Classic colour 12  is a whimsical light pink shade that has a shimmery pearl finish.

Classic colour 13 has a semi-sheer pink finish that your beau is sure to love.

Classic colour 14  is a solid creamy latte brown shade that will give your nails a neutral, sophisticated finish.

Classic colour 15  is a solid maroon shade with lovely purple undertones and a sparkly finish.

Classic colour 17  is a pale peach coral shade that looks almost almost nude with a slight shimmery finish.

Classic colour 18 is a solid jet black colour that will leave you looking like a rockstar.

Classic colour 19 is a bright pink matte shade that makes you look like the beautiful girl you really are.

Classic colour 20 is a gorgeous clear shade with tiny flecks of glitter to make your nails sparkle and shine.

Classic  colour 21  is a solid red with just the tiniest hint of a pink shimmery finish.

Classic colour 22  is a matte pink shade that resembles perfectly pink bubble gum.

Classic colour 23 is a clear Gel Polish with a subtle touch of pink.

Classic colour 24 is a deep eggplant purple that will make you feel like a punk rock princess.

Classic colour 25  is a solid deep velvet red for a beautiful decadent finish.

Classic colour 26   is an opaque white that works great for French manicures.

Classic colour 27 is a clear polish with silver holographic flakes of glitter for that enviable razzle dazzle.

Classic colour28 is a white creamy pearl undertone with a pale pink shimmer when it catches the light.

Classic colour29  is a solid aquamarine shade that shimmers like the sea.

Classic colour30  is a fabulous vivid violet with blue undertones that has a shimmery finish.

Classic colour31 is a dark grey with a matte finish that will leave you with attention-grabbing nails.

Classic colour32r is an opaque Tiffany silver polish with a metallic pearl finish for some flashy nail bling.

Classic colour33 is a solid off white shade that will jazz up your natural nail color.

Classic colour 34 is a matte shade that evokes an earthy feel. The neutral tone would look great with most skin tones.

Classic colour 35 is a clear Gel Polish with small and large flecks of glitter for a super sparkly finish.

Classic colour37 is an opaque deep raisin red shade with a glittery finish.

Classic colour38 - This rich chocolate brown has a matte gloss finish.

Classic colour 39 - A deep rich shade of blue, with a beautiful blue hue shimmer to transpose day into night.

Classic colour 40 - A piercing gun metal deep grey with a slight undertone of shimmer that goes with everything!

Classic colour 41- This heritage dark green jade colour is transposed onto the catwalk with a clever shimmer smattering.

Classic colour 42 - A darker nude with a hint of orange, spinkled with a silver shimmer. Shellac colour

Classic colour43- A beautiful dusky medium purple pearl with a pinch of shimmer create a beautiful vibrant statement

Classic colour 44 - Glitterize your nails with this amazing !gold colour, layered with lots of gold and silver glitter bling

Classic colour45 - A deep purple base, mixed with lots of red glitter, mean you'll be sure to turn heads

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