For the easiest way to apply French Nails, you should use a French Tip Guide or make your own Purchase French Tip Guide Here

Follow steps for applying Gel Polish listed above and try adding the additional step below.

Apply a thin layer of pink polish to each nail on one hand. Place the nails on that hand under the UV light for two minutes. Add a second thin coat and put the hand under the UV light for another two minutes. Repeat for the other hand.

  • Apply a line of white polish to the tips of each nail on one hand. Make the line match the shape of the nail. If the polish is not perfect, you can shape the polish with a brush dipped in 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. Gel polish products won't cure without the UV or Led curing light, so you have a little time to fix mistakes. When you are satisfied, place the hand you painted under the UV light for two minutes, then repeat the process with the other hand.

  • Apply a layer of top coat over the nails on one hand. Place the nails on that hand under the UV light for two minutes. Repeat with the other hand.
  • If you are uncertain how to apply the white line across the tip of the nail - try using a French Tip Guide.
  • You can create many other designs with French tips using bright bold colours. Try making a line down along the side of the fingernail instead of across the tip.
A clear transparent pink or neutral base with a thin stripe, usually white near the end of the tip.In fact the tip can be almost any colour, so why not experiment!


01 Snow Flake is an opaque solid white.

26 Studio White is an opaque white, an excellent for French manicures.

ALL WHITES #01, #26, #A31, A49, A50, 7323


02 Frosted Pink shiny pale pink neutral pearl shade.

04 Cotton Candy has a soft pink tone that works well for natural nails.

12 Pink Diamond is a light pink shade with a shimmery pearly finish.

13 Sea Spray has a semi-sheer pink finish.

17 Suntone lis a pale peach coral shade, almost nude.

23 Moonshine is a clear Polish with a subtle touch of pink.

28 Polar Freeeze is a white creamy pearl shade with a pale pink shimmer

47 Chantilli Lace

Gelish 7421

Gelish 7323



White Tips #01, 26, 7323

PINK TIPS, 102, 04, 11, 47,  A106, CS60, XK24 7325, 


Bluesky Versus all the others, take the challenge and find your...... Perfect FINGER Match!
                                  The answer is right at your Finger Tips!

Gel Nails French Tips

French Manicure is created by using a thin strip/stripe usually white near the end of the tip.

You can create your own French Manicure with just about any colour combination you can think of!

Do-It-Yourself Gel Nails are one of the most talked about beauty treatments around today!

Dare to tackle the latest fashion trends yourself which can cost a fortune at most nail salons, we'll show you how to create perfect flawless chip-free nails in just a few simple steps.