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 What's the difference between Gel Polish and regular  

Gel Polish is applied like a Nail Polish over the natural nails and then cured under a Lamp, widely know as a Gel Polish Manicure.This can be done easily at home. Gel Polish goes on like a Nail Polish and yet wears and lasts like a gel.

Hard Gel is much stronger than Gel Polish and is used to build onto the natural nail and lengthen as an extension of the natural nails. Hard gels are also known as Builder Gels. This service is provided by a trained professional.

Nail Drill can be used by Salon Professional with Acrylic Nail extensions are used to lengthen the natural nail. Acrylic nails are applied by using a Acrylic powder know as a polymer and Acrylic liquid called Monomer, the two are mixed together and this created the hard nail called Acrylic Nails.

Weekly Nail Polish by Bluesky lasts much longer than traditional Nail Polish.

Weekly nail polish is fast drying and lasts longer than the regular nail we're all used to in the past.
Sure there needs to be several minutes curing time in between coats, but there are no lamps needed, just good old fashioned patience. 

Weekly Top Coat. The secret to long lasting Nail Polish is a good premium quality top coat to seal the deal.
Bluesky have developed their weekly top coat for their weekly brand nail polish with a  high glossy shine that won't disappoint.
No Base Coat is needed, and you don't need to cure under a lamp.

Salons :
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Home User 
Bringing DIY Gel nails in your home soyou can have Salon Nails, Not, Salon Prices ! We are passionate about delivering quality and affordable products such as UV and Led Curing lampsand Starter Kits for first time users. Bluesky Gel Polish has much longer wear on your finger nails than other brand names and for just a fraction of the cost. 
Bluesky has mirror shine finish lasting up to 21 days or more with correct application.
We also discuss, troubleshoot applicationand how to get the most wear from your Gel Nail Polish, Gel Polish, UV & Led Gels and Curing Lamps.
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