What is Gel Polish?
Gel polish is cured by UV or Led light. Within minutes your nails are completely dry and by the time your manicure is over, they are strong enough to withstand everyday wear like housework and outdoor activities such as gardening or sport. 
Gel polish offers long lasting wear compared to traditional Nail Polish.

 What's the difference between Gel Polish and regular Nail polish?
Both Gel Polish is applied like a Nail Polish and then cured under a UV or LED curing Light.
Gel Polish is removed by soaking and gently scraping the polish from off the fingernails.
Gel Polish needs to be used with a Top and Base coat.
Gel Nail Polish can be applied at home Do-It-Yourself an can be mastered quite easily.
Gel Polish, brands have been around for many years, including Bluesky Gel Polish. Be cautious of cheap brands as they may vary in both quality and performance.

What if I am not a Nail Tech, Can I Apply Gel Polish at home?  It takes little practice to apply your own Gel Nail Polish, you should follow the instruction provided and check out our Troubleshooting Tutorial. It's fun, inexpensive and virtually anyone can do it! 

Gel Polish is applied like a Nail Polish over the natural nails and then cured under a Lamp, widely know as a Gel Polish Manicure.This can be done easily at home. Gel Polish goes on like a Nail Polish 

Weekly Nail Polish by Bluesky lasts much longer than traditional Nail Polish. Weekly Polish

Weekly Top Coat. The secret to long lasting Nail Polish is a good premium quality top coat to seal the deal.
Bluesky have developed their weekly top coat for their weekly brand nail polish with a  high glossy shine that won't disappoint.
No Base Coat is needed, and you don't need to cure under a lamp.

Salons :
We supply Gel Polish to Salons across Australia and NZ. 
- We are customer focused and believe that success comes from a strong commitment by insisting on quality products. 
 - More importantly, to ensure that the products you ordered reach you quickly - we strive to ship every order purchased before 12pm on the same day. In most cases you canreceive your order the next day by selecting the Express post option. Now that's a good reason to place your order today.
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